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Edward Joseph Snowden, an ancient employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, a contractor to the National Security Agency (NSA) in the USA, leaked classified information demonstrating the government’s mass surveillance projects that were performed illegally. Right at that moment that his video interview aired, Snowden was comfortably near a television screen in Hong Kong watching his face plastered on all of the main media outlets. On Sunday June 23, 2013, Snowden flew to Moscow, where although wear transit to his final destination: Quito, Ecuador. Leaking US government classified facts are considered against the law under US law and as a result, Snowden faces charges of espionage, and theft of property from the US government. These charges could figure to a life in the US federal prison. The fees for leaking classified government information resemble (otherwise worse) for most countries throughout the world. Being a US government employee who signed binding agreement, Snowden knew what he was getting himself into when he leaked the knowledge. Snowden knew the aftermaths of his crime, but held an increased regard for his cause, thus holding the job interview in Hong Kong, When his actions were so valiant and the man was so true to his cause, then why run? My theory: he wanted to produce a ruckus. Snowden featured in the 12-minute interview… 12 minutes that they thought could alter the world. Nevertheless there is no denying that Snowden released information that's valuable for that public to find out, his methods escape me. Simple fact in the matter is Snowden wished to not remain anonymous, while he stated how the American government would then manage to paint him being a villain. Although Snowden did emerge to be a whistleblower, the us government does not need to paint him like a villain, as they’s already done that part on their behalf, by running from a real cause, afraid of the results. San Francisco Escort Snowden is usually a citizen of 1 of the largest liberal democracies in the world, using a court system that's fair and, and where under most states the execution is prohibited. Granted, while using charges they are on, he’d probably live out the entire content of his life within the isolated maximum-security cell, but his trial hearings could be public. There’s a superb line between ruckus and change, and change most definitely doesn’t happen in 12 minutes. If Snowden desired to produce a real difference then why hold a 12-minute interview and bolt? Instead, Snowden must have step forward in the usa, and went through judicial process with public hearings. This could provide him with the opportunity to reiterate his opinions and motivations for the American public directly, in lieu of hide behind the veil with the media and loopholes in law of nations. I’m unclear what Snowden’s endgame is, but there is however another thing The only without a doubt: our concise explaination a hero may be shamed. Our notion of democracy might be more threatened by those people who are afraid to face up for which they feel in and face the effects with their actions than from the government’s surveillance programs. Simple fact of the matter is: whether or not there is certainly solid proof Snowden’s allegations from the government, most of us knew it was happening. There was speculation on government surveillance for many years. Snowden provided us with proof, in a interview nearly 12,000 Kilometers from the crime scene. Regardless of how true Snowden’s allegations are, it seems as if he’d carefully considered a plan to start out a war resistant to the government, after which wipe his hands clean. Truth be told that real change-makers will appear upon what of Snowden to be a disgrace towards passion for change. Imagine Nelson Mandela held a 12-minute interview in the united states to encourage alter in South Africa? Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. recorded his speech and played it coming from a screen in front of millions? You've to wonder if they would have ever achieved cause real progress, and whether their passion could have outlived them. Where’s Julian Assange today? Ask most people, and in addition they’ve probably already forgotten about him. He’s a prisoner by himself account, regardless of how courageous his initial actions has been. We'd like heroes like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Heroes who act style and color . consequences some may face. Heroes that wont flee facing fear. Any hero with valor would face the effects of these actions. Snowden should not be a exception compared to that, especially since his situation can be arguably better a lot more comparison to heroes from not too long since. Snowden’s motives could be true, but he's yet to prove himself in my experience. He should carry on and fight with the cause he apparently believes in rather then fleeing with a life in paradise… constantly overlooking his shoulder.